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Welcome to the Offshore Fitness App Page.

Empower your offshore lifestyle with the Offshore Fitness App, your all-in-one solution for achieving peak health and fitness wherever your work takes you. Designed specifically for offshore workers, our app provides comprehensive fitness programs, personalised training plans, and advanced tracking tools to support your wellness journey.

  • Train

    ✔ Offshore-Optimised Programs

    ✔ Diverse Exercise Library

    ✔ Step-by-step Guided Workouts

    ✔ Personalise Workout Schedules

    ✔ Plus Fresh Daily Workouts


    Science-back and built by experts to help you feel confident at home and offshore.

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  • Track

    》Log Workouts

    》Track Weights & Reps

    》Body Metric Recording

    》Visual Progress Insights

    》Rate & Favourite Workouts


    Track your progress and customize your training with easy-to-use app features.

  • Engage

    ✔ Exclusive Group Access

    ✔ Community Engagement

    ✔ Achievement Sharing

    ✔ Q&A with Offshore Fitness Team

    ✔ Ongoing Support


    Find strength in numbers with the support of a community of like-minded people.

  • Tailored Workouts:

    Access specialised workouts designed to meet the unique demands of offshore living. From strength training to cardio, our programs cater to all fitness levels and can be adapted to your platform's resources.

  • Progress Tracking:

    Monitor your fitness journey with ease. Track your workouts, record progress photos, and measure your achievements directly within the app.

  • Comprehensive Resources:

    It's easy to get started with our selection of how to videos and articles. Got a question, just drop us a message and will get back to you with further advice.

  • Nutrition Guidance:

    Fuel your body for optimal performance with customised nutrition plans tailored to your goals and dietary preferences. *Wellness Plus Customers Only.

  • Measurement Tracking:

    Track your progress through measurements. From weight to heart rate, body fat to waist, thigh and bicep sizes.

  • Full Exercise Library:

    Explore our extensive exercise library. Search via Muscle Group or Name and see a short movement video along with how to and tips.

  • Community Support:

    Join a supportive community of like-minded offshore workers. Share your successes, seek advice, and stay motivated on your path to better health.

  • Build Custom Workouts:

    Use our app to log custom workouts or choose from a selection of your favourite Offshore Fitness workouts.

  • Connect Apps:

    Connect to popular apps such as Strava, FitBit and My Fitness Pal to track additional workouts and nutrition information

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Why Offshore Fitness?

Our app is more than just a fitness tool—it's a lifestyle companion designed to empower you in every aspect of offshore living. With Offshore Fitness App, you can prioritise your health and well-being, no matter where your work takes you.

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