Elevate your workplace with our new wellness packages!

Did you know? Implementing health and well-being programs has proven to be a cost-effective strategy for employers offering high return on investment: 

  • Reduce sick leave absenteeism by 25.3%.
  • Decrease workers' compensation costs by 40.7%.
  • Lower disability management costs by 24.2%.
  • Provide a remarkable cost-saving of $5.81 for every $1 invested in employee health and well-being.

At Offshore Fitness, we understand the unique pressures you face. That's why our offerings go beyond workouts. Experience a wellness package designed to alleviate your teams stress. Connect with us through Zoom calls for personalised support, and let our experts craft and monitor tailored nutrition, training, and recovery plans using the latest technology. We're here to enhance not just your fitness but your teams overall well-being.

Offshore Corporate Wellness Packages

Considering an onsite fitness coach?

Comparison: On-Site Staff vs. Wellness Package

An online wellness package not only provides cost savings in terms of travel, mobilisation, and daily rates but also offers streamlined communication and virtual meetings, eliminating the need for in-person presence. This can result in significant savings while ensuring consistent and effective fitness coaching. 

Let's breakdown some of the key information below:

Staff Day Rates:

On-Site Staff: Requires a daily wage for on-site presence.

Wellness Package: Cost-effective subscription model, potentially saving on daily staff rates.

Travel Cost:

On-Site Staff: Incurs travel expenses for commuting to and from the workplace.

Wellness Package: Zero travel cost as the fitness coaching is provided remotely.

Mobilisation Costs:

On-Site Staff: May involve a mobilisation fee for relocating or starting at a new site. 

Wellness Package: No mobilisation fee, as the services are delivered remotely.

No Headaches of Holidays and Sick Days:

On-Site Staff: Employer bears the cost of paid holidays and sick leave.

Wellness Package: No additional costs for holidays or sick days, providing consistent service.


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