About Our Programme:

Supporting Your Success Every Step of the Way

Facing an upcoming medical assessment? Our 6-week programme is esigned to provide targeted support, ensuring you meet the required standards with confidence. As part of our commitment to your offshore fitness journey, this programme is a valuable resource to help you thrive during medical evaluations.

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  • Week 1: Foundations of Movement

    Building a Solid Fitness Base

    In the first week, we focus on laying the foundations of movement.

    Whether you're new to fitness or looking to re-establish a routine, Week 1 involves gentle activities like walking and jogging. It's the perfect starting point to ease into the programme and get your body moving.

  • Weeks 2-6: Intensify Your Training

    Taking Your Fitness to the Next Level

    For those accustomed to regular walking and running, the real work begins from Week 2 onward.

    Our programme ramps up, incorporating a variety of exercises and activities to enhance your fitness levels and prepare you for the demands of offshore health and fitness medicals.

  • Personalised Approach:

    Tailored to your fitness level, ensuring a gradual and effective
    progression with sessions adaptable to your surroundings (run, bike, row or even walk your way back to fitness).

  • Expert Guidance:

    Receive support from experienced trainers who understand the specific requirements of offshore medical assessments.

  • Holistic Approach:

    Beyond meeting standards, our programme promotes overall health and well-being. With optional tracking of measurements and providing a structured program to follow.

Why Choose Offshore Fitness: Your Partner in Success

Trust in a Comprehensive Approach

At Offshore Fitness, we go beyond mere exercise routines. We're your partners in success, dedicated to preparing you not just for assessments but for a resilient and enduring offshore fitness journey.

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