Meet Shaun - Co-founder of Offshore Fitness 🌊πŸ’ͺ

Meet Shaun - Co-founder of Offshore Fitness 🌊πŸ’ͺ

This week we wanted to introduce you to Offshore Fitness co-founder, Shaun Gibbins and give you a brief background to his story.

It All Started From A Shed:

Shaun's journey in the fitness and wellness industry began in 2010 with a casual conversation with a colleague about marketing sports supplements online. This conversation sparked the idea for Shaun and Phil to start a part-time business. Their journey started humbly, with their business operating out of a shed in Phil's garden.

A Vision Takes Shape:

Shaun's passion for making a positive impact in the industry led him to dream of creating his own bespoke sports nutrition brand. It was during a chance conversation with his childhood best friend, Kevin that led to the creation of ICON Nutrition in 2012. Their shared vision was to provide high-quality supplements tailored to the specific needs to the everyday athlete and fitness enthusiast.

In 2014, Shaun further expanded his ventures by co-founding Battle Snacks with Kevin, a brand focused on crafting delicious yet nutritious protein bars. Through Shaun and Kevin's commitment to quality and innovation, Battle Snacks quickly gained popularity and achieved significant success and Battle Snacks was sold in 2020 allowing him to refocus his attention on ICON Nutrition and leaving the door open for possible other ventures in the future...

Offshore Fitness works in partnership with ICON Nutrition - Est 2012 (

Empowering Offshore Workers: Shaun's journey goes beyond his accomplishments in businessβ€”it reflects his personal growth and commitment to living a healthy lifestyle. Since 2017, Shaun has been an active member of CrossFit Hull and Humber to date. During this time, he experienced first hand the powerful effects of functional fitness and workouts driven by a sense of community.

It was during his time at CrossFit Hull and Humber that Shaun formed a friendship with Dan, who would later become the co-founder at Offshore Fitness. Their friendship and shared experiences inspired Shaun and Dan to embark on a mission to redefine fitness for offshore workers.

Offshore Fitness Co-founders Dan Simpson and Shaun Gibbins

It's In The Family:

While Shaun himself has never worked offshore, his father's extensive four-decade career as an engineer at sea instilled in him a profound respect for the unique challenges faced by individuals in the industry.

Motivated by a genuine desire to effect positive change, Shaun and Dan envisioned Offshore Fitness as more than just an app β€” it's become a vital resource for offshore workers seeking to prioritise their health and well-being, regardless of their location or surroundings.

Together, they've developed a platform that seamlessly integrates advanced technology with individualised guidance with the aim to empower users to pursue their fitness ambitions and overcoming any challenges in their path.

Offshore Fitness uses tool such as Zoom, Whoop, MyFitness Pal and Strava to offer a full wellness package to it's clients.

Join the Movement: As Offshore Fitness continues to grow and evolve, Shaun remains committed to his mission of empowering offshore workers to embrace healthier, more fulfilling lives. With a passion for innovation, collaboration and community, Shaun and Dan aim to revolutionise the fitness landscape for offshore workers worldwide.


Shaun and Dan Co-founders, Offshore Fitness

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