Offshore Fitness offers tailored health and wellness programs for offshore workers.

Membership starts at £10.00/month, with access to daily workouts, expert guidance, progress tracking and a supportive community.

Suitable for all fitness levels. Join us today for better offshore fitness!

  • No Experience Required

  • Train Anywhere With Little To No Equipment

  • Take The Guesswork Out Of Your Training

  • Unlimited Access To App Features

  • Designed For Offshore Workers

  • Expert Instruction, Guidance & Support

  • Weekly Programming

    7 new workouts released each week focused on challenging you each day from cardio to mini pump sessions.

  • Training Blocks

    Additional structured goal orientated training blocks available.

  • Full Tracking (Optional)

    Track your workouts, personal bests and measurements with our in app tools.

  • Initital Consultation

    Are you ready to take the first step towards a healthier, happier you?

    Our Initial Consultation Package is designed to provide you with
    personalised support and guidance as you embark on your wellness journey.

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  • 8 Week Wellness!

    Are you ready to prioritise your health and well-being?

    Our Personal Wellness Package offers personalised support and guidance to help you achieve your fitness goals and optimise your overall wellness whilst working offshore.

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  • Corporate Wellness

    Elevate the well-being of your workforce with our Corporate Package (Core). Designed to empower your team with fitness and health, this package offers a streamlined solution for companies looking to invest in
    their employees' vitality.

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Are You Ready To Take Back Control of Your Health and Fitness?

Each training block will keep you fit and active whilst working offshore so you will never to worry about passing your next medical:

  • Build and maintain core strength.
  • Increase your aerobic capacity.

Move better and minimise the risk of back injuries in day to day life with Offshore Fitness.

With a simple shift in your mindset and routine, you could start living your best life at any age so let's get you started on the next phase today.

I'm Ready!

Nice to mee you. I'm Dan Simpson

After leaving college and completing my Electrical apprenticeship, I eventually found myself working offshore as Rope Access Electrical Technician. I have done this for over 12 years. In this time I've worked on various platforms, FPSO's, Jack up's and Semi subs with minimal training equipment available to use in the gyms provided.

Seeing this problem and with a passion for training from a young age lead me to take up a coaching role at my local gym, qualifying me as a coach.

Doing this allowed me to gain experience in both group and one to one coaching, both with clients locally and whilst offshore.

Now I want to be able to take this further and help other offshore workers take back control of their health and fitness so they can enjoy a more balanced life and enjoy their downtime the way they like.

That's why Offshore Fitness was born!

Yes - Sign Me Up!

This Is For You If...

  • Work Offshore and want to be ready for that upcoming medical, BOSIET or FOET training.

  • You want a training routine you can complete whilst at home and away.

  • You have limited access to equipment

  • You want to be in better shape
Yes that's me. Let's Go!
  • OFFSHORE FITNESS MONTHLY - From £20.00 Per Month


    • 6 Week Pre Medical Program.
    • Block 1 & 2 Offshore Training Plans.
    • 365 Daily Workouts.
    • Specialist Skill Based Programs and Workouts.
    • Exercise Library inc Videos and tips.
    • Support Via WhatsApp & Email
    • Cancel Anytime
    This is the option for me 
  • OFFSHORE FITNESS 3-MONTHLY - £40 Per 3 Quarter

    Get 1 Month FREE!

    • 3 Month Subscription for price of 2!
    • Everything that's included in the Monthly Plan.
    • Cancel Anytime

    Love it, let's do it! 

    Get 6 Months FREE!

    • 12 Month Subscription for price of 6!
    • Everything that's included in the Monthly Plan.
    • Cancel Anytime
    I'm Committed Let's Go!